Holding the Precept Transmission Ceremony

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To undertake its responsibilities as the ancestral monastery of Chan sect, Shaolin Temple restored the Platform Ordination and then invited Chinese senior monks to preside over a series of Buddhist activities and lectures for a whole month.

I have no doubt that Shaolin Temple has the ability and experience to hold a successful precept transmission ceremony, even if it doesn’t invite any senior monk from other monasteries. My main concern is that our monastics are very young and although we are able to perform the religious ritual, because the spiritual force is not strong enough, the vows of the followers are different and different vows might have a lifelong influence on their understanding and pursuit of Buddhism.

To have a successful precept transmission ceremony, we invited eminent monks to serve as the three Precept Masters. Take the Three Ordination Platforms Precept Transmission Ceremony in 2010 for example, BAC (Buddhist Association of China) President Ven. Chuanyin was then invited to serve as the Upadhaya (preceptor), China’s Taiwan Buddhist Association President Ven. Jingliang as the Karma-Acharya (an acharya in Sanskrit is an instructor) and Shaolin Temple’s Chan Meditation Chief Ven. Shaoyun as the Teaching-Acharya. The three most prestigious senior monks all gave their recognition to Shaolin Temple’s development in recent years; otherwise they wouldn’t come. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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