Were there any other schisms after the second Samgiti?

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The first split resulted in Theravada and Mahasamghika. There were known as the two basic sects. Later on, as Buddhism spread far and wide in the course of time, there were different traditions in different localities. Thus changes in propagation and institutions inevitably occurred to meet the needs of the local conditions and customs. This gradually resulted in the emergence of various schools of Buddhism. From the second Samgiti to about four centuries after the Buddha’s passing away, the two basic sects of Theravada and Mahasamghika were successfully divided into 18 or 20 subgroups. There are different traditions regarding the sequence, time, and names of each schism. The largest branch directly split from Theravada was Sabbatthivada, the other rather important subsects were Vajjiputtaka and Mahimsasaka. According to Mahasamghika tradition, the Vibhajjavada was the first to split from Theravada. It adopted some Mahasamghika ideas and became an independent sect, standing apart from both Theravada and Mahasamghika. However, according to Theravada tradition, the Vibhajjavada was a variation of Theravada. The three sects which broke away from the Mahasamghika in earlier times were Ekavyoharika, Lokottaravada and Gokulika. Afterwards, the Cetiyavada was the largest sect that split away from Mahasamghika. (From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers)


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