Are there any relics of the Budda’s disciples remaining today?

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Sir Alexander Cunningham, an Englishman, (Director of the Indian Archeological Bureau) excavated several ancient thupas in 1851 at a locality named Sanchi, 549 miles northest from Bombay, India. In one the thupas, they found two large stone caskets with the names of Sarriputa and Moggallana engraved respectively on the covers and their divine skeletons inside. The skeletons were stolen by the British and preserved in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. After the independence of India, through negotiations with Britain, they were returned and once again enshrined at Sanchi. In Sanchi, not a well-known place then, a wealth of Buddhist relics have been discovered in modern times. A big thupa built under King Asoka’s built. On the four sides of the thupa are exquisitely engraved stone gates. Owing to the discovery of numerous valuable relics, particularly of the sariras of the two great arahats, Sanchi has become one of the most important Buddhist holy sites in India today. (From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers)

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