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As the abbot and representative of the lineage successors of the Shaolin culture, my historic mission and obligation is to work tirelessly to perpetuate what our predecessors had left us, and pass on the Chinese Chan lineage from one generation to another and into the next millennium. On this matter, I admit that I am a staunch conservative because our tradition contains resources of wisdom that can creatively respond to the realistic problems of individuals, societies and nature. For us, to be conservative and creative…all these are naturally manifested and adopted. They are never dualistic but one and not separate.

In searching for and establishing a model of survival for Shaolin Temple, I will be innovative and creative. Regardless of how I progress and stay ahead, I will not deviate from the goal of restoring and reviving Shaolin Temple. The religious faith of a monastic member will never change. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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