Shaolin Temple’s Steps

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It seems that in people’s mind, monks worthy of respect should do nothing but chant prayers. I do not think that way, I believe that while monks must complete their religious practices and cultivation in the most dedicated manner, they must also so strive to create the condition for more practitioners to embark on their dharma practice so as to allow religion and culture to serve and benefit more people. If I engage in solitary meditation and do nothing, then the millennia old Shaolin culture will fail to be transmitted and promoted in my generation. Shaolin Temple will fail to develop in this era and shrink instead. In that case, I am truly condemned by history.

Over these past years, every step that Shaolin Temple took was met with some adversities. As the saying goes, “when there are more than a hundred people, there is bound to be variety of opinions.” If you care about the judgment of everyone, and become overly cautious, you will accomplish nothing. Whenever I do something else may say, I do not mind. As such, it’s very easy for me to “stress my body without stressing the mind.” (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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