The Best Time for Developing Shaolin Temple

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Some people do not understand us but this is temporary. Given time, they will naturally understand. In my opinion, the key to an assessment of whether these commercial endeavors are right or wrong is whether or not they have benefited the development of Shaolin Temple and the promotion of Buddhism.

Through much effort over these past years, Shaolin Temple annually attracts over two million tourists and over fifty thousand students for the martial arts schools. This has brought about the blossoming of local tourist industries and education industries. None of this would have been possible if it hadn’t been for the continual cultural heritage protection and development by Shaolin Temple, and internationally. Currently, Shaolin Temple houses over 200 monks in its permanent halls, and with its subsidiary monasteries and overseas centers, Shaolin Temple has a total of over 500 monks. It is exactly because Shaolin Temple has these 500 monks that we can properly continue and pass on this Chan ancestral monastery’s lineage.

When my master was presiding over Shaolin Tempel, the monastery was very poor and the living conditions were harsh. Since it was around the time the “Ten Years of Catastrophe”, survival was no easy task. We and our generation of Shaolin monks have stumbled upon an opportunity once in a thousand year. As the standard of living improves, the public’s needs for culture will also rise. Shaolin Temple’s location and its unique tourism resources can attract countless tourists. Shaolin Temple is a holy site and the ancestral monastery of Chan Budddhism with immense religious cultural resources. All of these factors make today the best time for developing Shaolin Temple. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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