The Goal Is to Propagate the Buddhism

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In launching these religions and culture related business activities, the important thing is to examine what the goals are and the forms what are used. This way, the process addresses the flow of karma and offers convenience. The goal is to propagate Buddhism. Both process and goal are very important. Even more important is that we must attract the mainstream global audiences to become interested, to have a desire to participate, to collaborate, to believe, and to accept and practice Buddha dharma. We focus only religion and culture related activities and projects that bring out Shaolin Temple’s intrinsic advantages and characteristics. In this way, we simultaneously promote Buddhism as well as fulfill our living requirements. What is there to lose? As to organizing ourselves for profit or non-profit, we continue to follow karma. We do not reject any method as long as it fits and can benefit our partners and the beneficiaries. However, when it comes to the revenue from Shaolin Temple, including those from Shaolin Temple’s intangible asset company, we have always insisted on managing them according to the principles of a religious entity or non-profit organization. Other than the basic salaries for employees, all proceeds are used towards the propagation and preservation of culture, charity undertakings, and international cultural exchange programs. Without the team’s dedication and the spirit of volunteers, Shaolin culture would not be as lively as it is or have the kind of achievements that captures the world’s attention. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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