What are the Three Secret Yoga? What Does Guru-yoga Mean?

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A Guru, or Satyadevata, is a most venerable and hornored Buddha or Bodhisatta or wise spirit chosen by a practitioner as an object or a model to learn from to enable his own attainment. In order to integrate himself with the merits, virtues and wisedom of the Hornored One, the practitioner has to study and practice the Three Secret” are physical, oral and mental kammas, and “yoga” means connected and identical in each of the three. Connected and identical with whom? That is to say the practitioner’s actions of body, speech and mind should connect and identify with the Honored One’s. To practice this method, the practitioner should embrace the Guru’s postures, hand signs and recite the Honored One’s spell, keep contemplating on his own Guru or bijia (seed) words, ensure that his own three kammas correspond to that of the Guru. That is called yoga practice. If this practice proves a success, the practitioner’s own body would become one with the body of the Guru. There are many methods of practice in Esoteric Buddhism. This is but one example. The ultimate principle of this school is still based on the theory of the emptiness of nature and formless of Dhamma; just as this school claims, “There is no origination of ‘A’ at all”, no origination is the same as emptiness. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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