“Prevent bad deeds and promote good ones, walk a righteous path”

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In Buddhism, when someone talk about a person who has superior capacity, I think they do not mean those persons who think they are intelligent but instead, it refers to those persons who could handle matters in a calm yet forthright manner, and have accumulated substantial merits. For with and only with this type of persons, when they have cultivated a certain level of practice and all the karma have reached the stage of ripening, they will be awaken and reach enlightenment just as a melon falls when it is ripe.

This is the reason that for those of us who are Dharma practitioners, we have learnt to get used to doing the following in our everyday life: prevent bad deeds and promote good ones, walk a righteous path, be detached from all phenomenon so as to deal with all matters unhindered, let go of all grasping, to allow the nature of mind to emerge, and then finally attain enlightenment. In fact, we all must have had experienced the following: if we commit a good deed, and even though we may not be praised, we know we feel good, and even have a great appetite and sleep soundly; if we have done something that have hurts others, even no one says anything, we would still end up feeling awkward, even losing our appetite and cannot sleep well.

Therefore, we should never overlook any minute action or thoughts in the course of life because they could affect our mind. I keep reminding the monks of these words, “Refrain from any bad deeds, Commit all acts of benevolence.” I hope everyone understands why I painstakingly repeat these words – they are truly the way that we should live. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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