The Purification of the Six Indriyas

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The “Purification of the Six Indriyas” refers to purifying our everyday life, and as long as we purify our mind throughout our everyday life, our thoughts will naturally be purified. As long as our thoughts and mind are purified on both the inside and outside, we will be in a state of mindfulness and without vexations or attachments. The Six Patriarch said in the “Tan Jing” (the Platform Sutra), “No attachment to all phenomena is Chan; Equanimity in the mind is Samadhi (or dhyana or meditation).” If a person attains equanimity in their mind and is free from any external matters, then that is Chan, that is meditation.

A person who has accumulated much blessings and merits can attain a higher state of realization when sitting in meditation, where as a person who commits lots of bad deeds and accumulated much negative karma will have a hard time attaining any realization.

It is not difficult for a person to do one good deed but it is difficult to do good deeds in his entire life and not commit any bad deeds. It is really not easy for someone to do good in their entire life and not commit a single bad deed – this is real practice. Therefore, “Refrain from any bad deeds, Commit all acts of benevolence” is also easy to understand but quite hard to put into practice. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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