Chinese Chan Transformed Meditation from India

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Chinese Chan transformed meditation from India because the Chinese way of thinking and understanding culture is different from the Indian way: Chinese were willing to do their utmost to narrow the distance between the secular world and ideal state of nirvana, and willing to attain Buddhahood and realization in this lifetime. This issue was resolved only after the establishment of Chan Buddhism. That is why we often say that Chan Buddhism is the product of the sinofication of Indian Buddhism, that is Buddhism with the most Chinese characteristics, and that it is a Chinese religion rooted in Chinese traditional culture. Buddha put forth his teachings to solve the problems of sentient beings. Chan Buddhism was established not to deviate from the original intent of Buddha and propagate the Mahayana Buddhist ideals of compassion, loving kindness and liberation for all sentient beings. Buddha and sentient beings are one and the same, Chan practice and daily life are integrated, and sentient beings are being liberated to attain Buddhahood in this life. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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