We Must Thoroughly Learn and Understand What Life is about

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In the old days, there were also obstacles on the path of renunciation and practice but they are different from the obstacles are mainly trials on the monks’ faith, and secondarily a reflection of one’s mentality. If you have a good mentality, you can correctly face whatever comes, analyze rationally and apply wisdom. This way, you will not have worries or sufferings and your faith is strengthened.

In our mundane world, people often waste their own life for some unrealistic goals, even applying inappropriate methods, so it is not surprising that they have vexations. At the bottom of this is the state of one’s mentaliy. Regardless of whether we are pursuing dharma practice in a monastery or work in whatever industry, there is one immutable rule that no one can escape from: we must thoroughly learn and understand what life is about. Some people are doing important work that raise a lot of eyebrows, but that does not mean they do feel hollow; some people do ordinary work but that does not mean they do not feel enriched. Therefore, according to Buddhist thinking, not everyone has to engage in monasticism or do an excellent job in their respective line of work. Regardless of the choice of work or industry, they are all but a form of dharma practice, our way of fulfilling our responsibilities and duties toward ourselves and society and satisfying the people. This reflects the state of mind of striving for benevolence and progress. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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