We Should Engage Dharma Practice in Our Daily Lives

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Many people notice how busy I am and how often I am inundated with social engagements and could barely take a break. They inevitably ask, “Isn’t such a way of living quite tiring and brothersome?”

As to whether I am tired, I do feel a lot of my time has been taken; as to whether it is brothersome, I do not think so. I hold the view that anyone who could get in touch with me is connected to me through karma and has Shaolin Temple in mind. As such, I have an obligation and duty to interact and communicate with them. Furthermore, one who is wise will not be troubled. Those in the monastic order engage in contemplation and meditation, and meditation is about calming one’s mind and staying within oneself, to quietly contemplate, relax the body and mind, thereby forgetting all mundane worries.

There is no such things as being busy for monks, as the body moves, the mind remains still. Now, unless I have to go out for meetings, I am usually at the monastery. Most of the time, I am meditating in the Meditation Hall, or taking my meal at the Dining Hall, or greeting guests at the Abbot Hall, or dong my day and evening practices at the Grand Hall. We should engage Dharma practice in our daily lives. As Buddha said, “Seeking Bodhi apart from this world is like looking for a rabbit’s horn.” (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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