How do We Prevent the “knowledgization” of Buddhism?

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How we prevent the “knowledgization” of Buddhism? In the ancient times when printing techniques were under-developed, we primarily had to guard against the “Kou-tou Chan” (platitude; more specially, the unrestrained inappropriate verbalization of Chan teachings or essence without ever gaining experiential understanding). In the face of a flood of publication and media of our times, we primarily have to guard against the heavy emphasis on words, lexical analysis and textual context.

Regarding Buddhism’s existence in our society, many people directly interpret the “Dharma” in the Three Jewels of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha as the Tripitaka, and say, “Aren’t the Buddha’s entire teachings already in the Tripitaka?” this reflects a partial understanding. The so-called “Dharma” refers to experientially realized universal truth, which is the entirety of all paths that lead to the kind of life achievement as Shakyamuni Buddda, which is what the people commonly refer to as expedient means. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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