Focusing on the Main Things

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Just as we do things in the way of “focusing on the main things and giving up the minor things”, the mediators’ practice is also a process of “focusing on the main things and giving up the minor things”. “Giving up the minor things” means forsaking and discarding the small things in life, such as forsaking the small secular benefits, self arrogance and personal prejudice, to name a few. “Focusing on the main things” is grab hold of the main things such as the life and death, and attain enlightenment and liberation. In the present day, we all have high regard for the eminent monks and prestigious masters, because we give recognition for their insightful life wisdom and detachment from the mundane life.
So to speak, Bodhisattvas shouldn’t merely be considered as good people who generously gives help and eliminate human’s sufferings. Bodhisattvas are enlightened people who have realized the truth of human life and the nature of the universe, and they are conscious that the benefits and merits of Dana could keep us from deviating from the right path. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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