Why Do You Invite so Many Scholars and Luminaries from Various Circles of the Society to Participate?

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In recent years, over a hundred eminent monks, cultural experts and specialists of academy circles have visited to Shaolin Temple to participated in a series of Shaolin activities including Shaolin Chan inquiry, Chan debate, hundred-day academic summit and international symposiums on Chan sect, Shaolin Kungfu, etc. luminaries from more than ten disciplines are invited to lecture or have a dialogue on Shaolin culture and Chan research, which arouses the great interest of the society and the media. Attendees include Chan Master Shaoyun who is the last disciple of Ven. Hsu Yun, world famous physicist Dr. Wu Maokun, Indian eminent monk Dharma, Xiamen University professor Yi Zhongtian, famous cartoonist Cai Zhizhong, well-known composer Tan Dun, Singer Zhu Zheqin, Dr. Lin Fulai of Taiwan Normal University’s Mathematics’ department, Taiwan painter Mr. Qiu Xisun, Mr. Tian Qing who serves as the director of Research and Protection Center of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Chinese National Academy of Arts, Beijing University professor Lou Yulie who is an expert on Buddhist studies, China Buddhist Culture Research Institute Director Yang Zengwen and Taiwan Kuangchi Program Service President priest Micheal L. Braden. In the footsteps of Chan patriarchs and under their spiritual guidance, a succession of followers is stepping into the ancestral monastery of Chan sect. From my perspective, a luminary is also a specialist, who otherwise couldn’t become a luminary without any speciality. Traditionally this kind of person is called shan zhi shi in Chinese (benevolent intellects). By giving lectures and serving as judges at Shaolin Temple, these luminaries also contribute and share their wisdom. Isn’t this a good thing? Therefore we shall proactively invite luminaries in society to explore Chan cultivation, which is quite uncommon. As a religious activity, Chan debate embraces a great number of scholars and personages, who have exerted positive influence on and inspire a generation of young people; it would never have gained so much popularity if without these people. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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