Chan Debate Receives Good Social Effects

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“Accordingly, we have sought an innovative way to integrate the forms of Chan patriarchs’ and ancestors into the way of modern people’s lives and launched the Chan debate. So far Chan debate has attracted the participation of delegations of different Buddhist academies all over the country and dharma masters of famous monasteries, as well as lot scholars in society. This is a highly successful mode.”

“As the social formation changes, people’s way of living and a lot modes are all undergoing changes. Nowadays, how we choose a mode for the survival and development of Buddhism is of the utmost importance. I think this mode of Chan debate is neither a permanent mode nor the exclusive mode, but we shall make attempts, explore and improve it as best we can.”

“I sincerely hope the Buddhist circle could regard Shaolin Temple as their common home and they could always come back to propagate dharma and contribute to development of this ancestral monastery and Buddhism.” (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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