Shaolin Culture is a Product of Cultural Communication

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Last year in the closing ceremony of Chan debate, I said, “Shaolin Temple is a product of cultural exchanges between China and the foreign countries. Shaolin culture and Chan sect are result of the assimilation of Indian and Chinese culture. So Shaolin culture is always considered as a product of cultural communication and only communication can promote the development of Shaolin culture.”

“The past three decades of China’s reform and opening-up have witnessed Shaolin Temple’s significant achievements in conducting domestic and international communications in Chan sect, Kungfu, religious art and other related fields. To hold the Chan debate is the responsibility of Shaolin Temple. As the ancestral monastery of Chan sect, Shaolin Temple is the origin of Chan. Chan has exerted a positive influence to the social harmony of modern China and the improvement of people’s life quality. We shall make use of the modern media and modern means to acquaint with the doctrines of Chan sect. In my view, such as the Tibetan Buddhist debate and western church debate, they could increase its own religious influence and facilitate communication; in addition, various lectures and seminars in China all have adopted a certain pattern to carry forward.” (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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