The Influence of the Precept Transmission Ceremony

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May 24, 2007 (the eighth day of the fourth lunar month) marked the most important Buddhist festival-Buddha Bathing Day. On that special occasion, Shaolin Temple launched the first grand Three Ordination Platforms Precept Transmission Ceremony after over 300 years of cessation. In the early morning, red lanterns and colorful banners were hung inside Shaolin Temple. Buddhist recital of scriptures resounded throughout the ancient monastery. Over 1000 male and female monastics from all over the country came to receive precepts. 500 male monastics and 230 female monastics passed the examination and were conferred with precepts. In 2010, as the ceremony only conferred precepts on male monastics, there were 455 male monastics from all parts of the country. Many a follower said Shaolin Temple is honored as the ancestral monastery of Chan sect and to receive precept here is each monastic’s wish.

The precept transmission ceremony represents a monastery embarking on a prosperous era. To hold a precept transmission ceremony, the monastery must be an integral monastic forest and embraces all institutions. By means of transmitting precepts, the monastery can expand the monastic community; and meanwhile the increase of monastics will further promote the development of the monastery. This is also one of the reasons for doing well in the precept transmission. After the two precept transmission activities, the Buddhist circle was very satisfied and gave Shaolin Temple high remarks. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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