Everyone is able to Reach Awakening, Find Inner Peace and Uncover the True Self through Da Chan Qi

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During Da Chan Qi, the monks live an austere life and sleep no more than four hours per day. If the monks feel sick, they cannot practice. Therefore, food, tea and drinks that are helpful during meditation practices are prepared. Since we have the Shaolin Pharmacy, they will, according to the conditions of monks, prepare certain Chinese traditional medicines to help them smoothly get through the forty-nine days.

As the abbot, my work load is overwhelming. Nevertheless, as soon as I finish my work, I will go to the Meditation Hall to sit in meditation. Each time I meditate there, I gain something different and I never want to leave. It would be so wonderful if I could just stay in the Meditation Hall for many more days. In my mind, this is the kind of life that I aspire to and want the most.

During Da Chan Qi, a group leader will give Dharma instructions every day. Every evening, I will sit in meditation for the duration of at least five incense burning and give dharma teachings. This is also my practice and I must participate. Once we arrive at the Chan Qi period, everyone at Shaolin Temple regardless of their level or seniority, will have to protect and maintain the meditation sesstions and do our best to carry out the meditation sessions. I hope that through such inspiration, everyone is able to reach awaking, find inner peace and uncover the true self. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)                                                        

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