The Process of Da Chan Qi

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When you enter the Meditation Hall, you will notice a piece of red paper listing the eight kinds of situations in which the monks will be struck by the discipline staff as punishment. Monks are disciplined if they doze off, sleep, shake or turn their head, scratch their head or mumble. There are designated “incense guards” to patrol the Meditation Hall and those who breach the rules will be flogged by the incense staff. There are group leaders who talk to the monks and offer advice for their individual progress in meditation.

The monks each have different karma, and as a result their respective degree of diligence and attainment are also different. For this reason, the group leaders will help the monks to fine tune their development. Being able to reach a certain state is better than not reaching any state.

Three times during the seven 7-days sessions, the group leaders will post questions to the monks, such as what state was reached, and what ideas came about. The monks will then talk about all their experiences, which cover all kinds of phenomena, and there are usually many strange incidences. The group leaders or other experienced Chan masters will then help the monks to adapt and fine tune their practice. Without such alignments and guidance, it is easy to go astray, but with fine-tuning by the group leaders, the monks will be able to stay on track. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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