The Lifestyle of Da Chan Qi

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During the Chan Qi, the monks wake up at 4:30 am rest at 11:45 pm, and take a break from 3pm to 5 pm. The rest of the time, they have to sit in meditation for the duration of burning twelve incenses and walk for the same duration, which results in an estimated distance of thirty kilometers per day. This is according to the rules of the Meditation Hall, which are quite strict. The monks go through a few tens of days without any exchange with each other and without talking. The schedule is tight and one must not let one’s mind drift.

When sitting cross-legged in meditation, the monks invariably wrap their legs with their robes and sit upright so that the body is straight and the mind focused. At such times, the Meditation Hall is so quiet that you will be creating disturbing noise if you just lift your arm or swallow saliva. It is so quiet that even the circulation of blood is audible. In order to reach such a desired state, a process of practice is required.

Shaolin Temple’s Chan Qi life style is austere, rigorous and hard. The Meditation Hall has in total over one thousand rules. For example, within the first five 7-day sessions (35days), the monks are not allowed to wash their face, shave or bathe. One cannot take a nap in the Meditation Hall and there are specific times when the monks could use the bathroom. This is so that the monks who are engaged in the Chan Qi can train to strictly observe their body and mind. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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