Expressing Buddhism through the Vessel of Culture

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Developed countries are establishing multicultural communities and cultural diversity has become a norm. we express Buddhism through the vessel of culture. For example, when we went to UNESCO, the United States, the United Kingdom or Arab areas to demonstrate Shaolin Kungfu, we have a 15-minutes chanting ritual before the show. This is part of the Buddhist practice and the audiences respect it. During sutra chanting and when we pay respect to Buddha, everyone regardless of their background, stands up and clasps their hands to show their respect to the culture. If you have to say that is paying respect to Buddha, they may object, but if you say it is a kind of respect to Shaolin culture, a kind of veneration, then it becomes acceptable. After that we start our Kungfu demonstration. This is the way it has been done throughout many years. In my mind, Chan and martial arts are one and inextricable. Chan represents Buddha and so it is the integration and martial arts. Buddha and martial arts are unified, and form Shaolin culture. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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