Are There Different Schools of Tibetan Buddhism as there are Different Schools of Buddhism in the Han-inhabited Areas?

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Within Tibetan Buddhism, too, there emerged different schools at different times. Due to the diversity in evolution, translation, and sutras preached or favored, there gradually appeared a number of schools, large or small, such as the Rnin-ma-pa Sect, which survived from the Easy Spreading Period; the Bkah-gdam-pa Sect, which was passed down from Atisa to Ston-pa; the Bkah-brgyud-pa Sect, handed down from the translator Mar-pa to Mi-la ras-pa; the Sa-skya-pa Sect passed down from Master Hbrog-mi to Dkon-mchog rgyal-po; and the Dge-lugs-pa Sect established by Tson-kha-pa during his religious reform. In addition, there were minor sects that were not widespread and had limited influence, such as Jo-nan-pa, Shi-byed-pa, Good-yul-pa, and Sa-ru-pa. Each of them upheld its own peculiar doctrine and method of cultivation. A particularly note-worthy sect, the Dge-lugs-pa, was founded by Master Tson-kha-pa in the late 14th century on the basis of an earlier tradition, along with his further elucidation of doctrine, and con gregational reform in the Sangha system. This School is known as the Yellow Sect, and is widespread among Mongolians and Tibetans. (From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers

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