What were the Later Five Subsects and Seven Subgroups of the Southern School?

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Among the disciples of Hui Neng, the 6th patriarch of the Southern School, were the two branches led respectively by Huai Rang in Nan Yue, and Xing Si in Qing Yuan, which give rise to the five subsects and the seven subgroups. From the Nan Yue branch first emerged the Wei Yang Subsect and then the Lin Ji Subsect. From the lineage of Qing Yuan, three subsects evolved: Cao Dong, Yun Men and Fa Yan. These are the five subsects from the two branches. Later on, the Huang Long and Yan Qi subgroups emerged from Lin Ji. These two together with the previous five subsects formed the seven subgroups. All of them thrived for a time but some waned and became extinct after a period. Only the Lin Ji and Cao Dong subsects have survived, with the former more flourishing. All descendants of the Chan School in modern times are the offspring of Lin Ji and Cao Dong. (From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers)

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