Difficult to Advance or Retreat

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The Zen master Fayun once said to his disciples: “Suppose you were in a situation where if you were to move forward, you would lose the Dao, if you were to move backward, you would lose the world, and if you were to do neither, you would look ignorant as a stone. What would you do?”
“Is there any way we can get away from looking ignorant?” asked his disciple. “Abandon both rejection and attachment and act out your potential.” answered the master. “But if we act, how can we keep from losing the Dao and the world?” asked disciples again. “Move forward and backward at the same time.” said the master.

Advancing is retreating, and retreating is advancing; they both arrive and they both depart. By doing both at the same time, we can get to the realm of perfect harmony among all differences. (From Zen Stories:The Staff and Shout of the Venerable Ones

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