The Lost Student

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One day while the Zen master Bankei was giving a lecture, a disciple suddenly stood up and yelled out…… “Ah ha! Caught you filching money again! ” “Forgive him,”said the teacher. “No way! We’ve forgiven him every time and he just keeps on stealing.” Other students answered. “Yea! If you don’t kick him out this time, we’ll all leave.” “You are all perceptive students and understand the difference between right and wrong. He is the only one who doesn’t understand even this. If I don’t teach him, who will?” t “I am going to let him stay here, even if every one of you leaves.” he teacher answered. At this, the pick-pocket monk fell to his knees and promised to reform, suddenly understanding right and wrong, good and bad.

If you had one hundred sheep and one of them lost its way, wouldn’t you immediately go in search of the lost one, abandoning the other ninety-nine in the open fields? It is important to help those who need help the most. (From Zen Stories:The Staff and Shout of the Venerable Ones

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