Easier Known Than Done

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During the reign of Emperor Xian Zong (805-820) of the Tang Dynasty, the famous poet Bai Juyi took the post of Zi County. He went to mountains visiting his teacher named Niaowo and spoke that: “Master’s residence is very dangerous.” “Yours are more dangerous than mine.” Master said. “How must I lead my life so that I am completely at one with the Dao?” He asked again. The master said that, “Avoid all evil and perform all good.” “A three year-old knows that much.”  said Li Bai. Then his master told him that, “A three year-old may know it, but not even a one hundred year-old can do it.”Then Li Bai saluted his master. Socrates said that if people know what they should do, they will do it; but he underestimated people’s ability to fail themselves. Everyone knows what they should do, but how many people actually do it? (From Zen Stories: The Staff and Shout of the Venerable Ones)

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