A Blind Man Carrying a Lantern

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When a blind man was leaving his friend’s house, the friend handed him a lantern to take on his way. “I don’t need a lantern,” he said, “It’s all the same to me whether it’s dark or light,” “I know,” Said his friend, “but if you don’t have a light with you, someone might accidentally run into you.” “Oh, all right.” “Umph! Umph! ” The blind man was interrupted after a short walking with his lantern. “Can’t you see a light right in front of your face?!” He yelled at that man from the opposite direction. “Hey, Buddy, your light had already gone out!” said the man. Using another person’s ideas to enlighten other people is like the blind man carrying a lantern—the light may go out along the way, and you will never know. (From Zen Stories: The staff and Shout of the Venerable Ones)

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