Global Peace is the Sincere Craving of Buddhists All Over the World

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Global peace is the sincere craving of Buddhists all over the world. Now and in the future the teachings of Gautama Buddha remain the only lighthouse to illuminate the mundane world which has been replete so far with misery and tragedies. It is Buddhism which can sow the seeds of peace between nations and persons and between man and nature. And it is the doctrinal dynamic of Buddhism that can cause tolerance, mutual respect, and mutual understand to grow among nations and regions. Buddhism can usher in a better world and lead individuals to reclaim their intrinsic godly nature that is uniformly lying hidden in the depth of every individual’s psyche and with which our minds will be purged and our life be purified. Here I would like to quote a short passage from Avatamsaka Sutra: “There is a lamp of Bodhi which is in the depth of every individual’s psyche. Great compassion serves as oil to fuel the lamp, piety as its wick, and prajna as its light.” Now let us offer the lamps of Bodhi in our minds to Gautama Buddha and all those sentient beings who are experiencing sorrow and deprivation. (From: My Heart My Buddha)

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