Modern Society is a Severe Trial for Buddhism

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Now our nation is experiencing a great social transformation which, for Buddhism, is a severe trial. The modernization of our society can be likened to a stream, and Buddhism can be likened to a vessel that sails along the stream. A vessel sailing in a stream has to cope with the tide and be steered clear of the reef. Moreover a vessel should be correctly oriented all the time, and knows which pier to lie at and which quay to unload its cargo; otherwise it would not be able to sail to and fro along the stream. A vessel is always partly submerged in the water and partly stays above the water. A Buddhist votary has to behave in a similar manner as he has to be partly submerged in the masses and to stay partly away from the masses to carry on part of his self-cultivation program. Every Buddhist votary should be very clear about this.(From: My Heart My Buddha)

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