Where did Sakyamuni Travel and Preach during His Life?

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According to historical records and excavations, the Buddha's own footprints mainly covered Central India. His disciples, dispersed in all quarters, might have gone further afield. There are also legends in Sri Lanka and Myanmar about the Buddha visiting and leaving his footprints there. During the Buddha's lifetime, he resided for the most part in Rajagaha, in the states of Magadha and Savatthi in the state of Kosala. Outside Rajagaha was a bamboo forest, donated to the Buddha and his disciples by King Bimbisara, which later came to be known as Bamboo Grove Monastery (Veluvanaramaya). In Savatthi, there was a garden given to the Buddha jointly by a rich merchant, Sudatta, and Prince Jeta of Kosala. This garden was known later as Jeta Grove Monastery (Jetavanaramaya or Jetavana Anathapindikassa-arama). Since the Buddha used to travel between the two places, both became important sites for the promotion of his doctrines. Gijjhakuta Hill, situated south of Rajagaha, was another place frequented by the Buddha and his disciples for preaching. Prior to his death, the Buddha went northward from Rajagaha to Vesali (Bihar Pradesh in modern India). Then he turned northwest, and finally arrived at Kusinara (now Kasia in Uttar Pradesh, India) where he passed away (Parinibbana). In modern times, excavations have uncovered the site of his cremation, and discovered a stone-carved image of his nibbana as well as other relics. In commemoration of the 2,500th anniversary of the Buddha's Nibbana (S.Nirvana), the government of India has done some essential repair and constructor in the holy place.(From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers)

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