On Propagating Buddhism

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We, Buddhist votaries, should always remember that we are propagating Buddhism in the midst of the lay masses and that our propagation effort has to thread its way in the density of the mundane life all the time. We are not propagating Buddhism on the top of Mount Sumeru. In the course of propagating Buddhism, a Buddhist votary should refrain from mouthing high-sounding words. I mean a Buddhist should refrain from talking non-stop, while preaching, about the transmundane goal he wishes his audience to aspire to. When you sing at a pitch too high for others to follow you in chorus, they will give up. In a case where a congregation deserts a preacher, it is not the congregation to blame. Rather it is definitely the preacher who is a talking monstrosity. As preachers of Buddhism, we need to study not only the Buddhist Scriptures but pedagogy. One of our major tasks is to learn the method for eliminating the obstacles in the way of the masses’ desire to understand Buddhism.(From My Heart My Buddha)


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