The Truth of Buddhism

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It is arbitrary for us to suppose that the truth of Buddhism is too esoteric for the comprehension of the public. We are confronted all the time and in every day of our life with numerous issues which test our compatibility with the truth of Buddhism. And Buddha is watching us every hour to see if our mentality and behavior are in line with the truth of Buddhism. Actually Buddha is with every one of us all the time. Therefore it is completely possible that some of us can attain Buddhahood at a most unexpected hour or at an inconceivable time. There have already been in our history millions of Chan masters who succeeded in attaining Buddhahood. It should be regarded as rather puerile to think that the concomitant of attainment of Buddhahood is usually an event in which the practitioner who gets the attainment ascends physically to heaven. No. No such thing has ever happened. Attainment of Buddhahood takes place in a very inconspicuous manner, I assure you, and would impress the one who gets the attainment as if he has just been relieved of a most annoying onus that is the mundane life. A practitioner who is pious, benign, and truly philanthropic in deed is already a living Buddha.(From My Heart My Buddha)