Gracing the Land of Buddha

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In the course of practicing self-cultivation, a practitioner needs to be persistently vigilant for his lapse into attachment to one sort of delusion or another. And an attachment always bespeaks a delusion. Everyone those practitioners who follow the tenets of the Pure Land School as the guideline of their self-cultivation are not immune to onset of delusion, because the persistent idea that there is a pure land in real existence somewhere beyond the earth where we now inhabit is in itself a delusion. The Pure Land is to be descried nowhere else than in the essence of mind of such a votary of the Pure Land School as would sincerely and properly carry on his self-cultivation in line with the school’s tenets. Then what, may we ask, is a pure land? The answer is this: A pure psyche is exactly where the Pure Land really exists. Various Buddhist schools or sects have envisioned various types of heaven or paradise. Where are they? No doubt we can detect the existence of them all in the essence of mind of a loyal votary. When a votary’s mind is free of impurities, such as delusions, afflictions, and disquietude, a pure land emerges there. All existence, forms, phenomena, etc. reside only in the mind of a human being. Have you ever heard of the saying that it is obligatory for a votary to carry out the regular task of “gracing the Land of Buddha”? How do we grace the Land of Buddha? But is there really a Land of Buddha? Of course there isn’t. The phrase “gracing the Land of Buddha” is solely a metaphorical, rather than literal, way of speaking. Therefore for a practitioner, to purge his own mind of delusions, afflictions, and disquietude, is tantamount to “gracing the Land of Buddha”.

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