Shaolin Shisan Zhua—A rare Art of Shaolin Workshop

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The 4th and the last training workshop for 2013, successfully completed in the context of the Act "Acquaintance with the Arts and Culture of Shaolin" that Greek Shaolin Cultural Center implemented, in Kyllini, Southern Greece on Sunday 30th, June 2013.

The training workshop "The 13 Locks - Shishan Zhua [Chin.: Shàolín shísān zhuā 少林十三抓]" was about the rare and ancient Art of the Shaolin Martial Arts, Shishan Zhua, an art that teaches 13 simple combat techniques very fast and effective in close combat that make use of energy [Chin.: qìgōng 气功], acupuncture points [Chin.: zhēnjiǔdiǎn 针灸点] and power [Chin.: lì ].

During the workshop, different training modules were presented:

Walk and Penetration Technique [Chin.: lìchǎng hé bùxíng 立场和步行]

Inner Strength Techniques [Chin.: nèidǎlì 内打力]

Basic analysis of the original Techniques of  Shaolin Shishan Zhua

Applications of Shaolin Shishan Zhua

Masters participated, Katakalaios Dimitris Spyropoulos Christos, Kokkalas Lambros, Kapatsoulias Panayotis, Kostopoulos Ioannis, Antoniou Efstathia, Delis Georgios, Altanis Theodore and Stavrakos Marios.

The general supervisor of the training workshop was the General Director of the Greek Shaolin Cultural Center Master Shi Yan Zhuo [Chin.: shì yán zhuō 释延卓] a 34th Shaolin Generation Master who is the solemn inheritor of this Ancient Shaolin Martial Art.

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