China News: Shaolin Kongfu Monks Team and Sydney Shaolin Meditation Hall Exchange Skills and Experiences

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Sydney, Feb. 23 (China News)-A group of China Songshan Shaolin Kongfu Team reached Sydney Shaolin Meditation Hall to exchange skills and experiences with local students.

People that participated in the activities included General of the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney Li Qingrui, director of Chinese Cultural Center in Sydney Chen Shuang, Deputy director of Henan Provincial Department of Culture Yan Jingcai, Deputy Major of Sydney Cr Adrian Wong, President of Australian Architecture Association Glenn Murcutt, head of Shaolin Australia Foundation Master Shi Yanchong, Residents of Hall of Chan and Wu in Australia Master Shi Yanyi and Shi Yanhe, Master Shi Yanzheng and Shi Yanchang from China Songshan Shaolin Temple, etc.


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