Chan Meditation Isolation and Analysis of the Eight Precepts in Buddhism

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From Saturday 3rd February 11:00am until Sunday 4th, 19:00, Master Shi Yanxiang and students remained enclosed in the Temple for the 1st Chan Meditation Isolation, which was completed succesfully.

The participants had the opportunity to live two days with Master Shi Yanxiang, experiencing as much as possible the Chan Meditation process like it is held in Shaolin Monastery, understanding the true Chan Wu Yi of Shaolin culture as one concept, as well as the analysis of the Eight Precepts in Buddhism.

Master Shi Yanxiang has similarly resembled the Chan Meditation program, as it is done at Shaolin Monastery in China with constructive, pleasant, afternoon speeches about his monastic time at the Temple, the time of the Jieba Ceremony, where he was ordained a monk. He talked about the original Shaolin Chanwuyi, about Chan (Zen) and Shaolin's diet in brief words so that students can understand it and apply it to their everyday life.

Also he analyzed the Eight Precepts, noting that it is not for doing good acts but to avoid evil deeds. To refrain from doing bad things is a good act. Also, it is not only for Buddhism followers but for everyone who want to grow spiritually so that they become better people.

We thank all participants and we hope for a larger number of entries next time. It is a difficult spiritual exercise, but essential for finding our true self and cultivating a virtuous character. Amituofo! (Source: Master Shi Yanxiang)

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