A Great Shaolin Kungfu Seminar in Greece

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The Shaolin Lao Lian Huan Gong Fa practices and application training workshop, successfully  completed in the context of the Act "Acquaintance with the Traditional Martial Arts of  Shaolin" that Greek Shaolin Cultural Center implemented, in the morning of February 3, 2018  and was exclusively addressed to the masters and high level students of the Hellenic  Shaolin Cultural Center.

The training workshop was about "Shaolin Lao Lian Huan Gong Fa" [少林老连环功法], and was  presented by the renown 34th Shaolin Generation master of the Shaolin Chuantong Gong Fu,  Shi Yanzhuo [释延卓] assisted by Master Shi Yankong [释延空], headmasters of the Greek  Shaolin Cultural Center [EPOKES]. The Greek Shaolin Masters inherited this Traditional  Shaolin Art by their Master Shi Yonghai [释永海 | 1952 -], Ven. Abbot of Fengxue Temple [ 风穴寺].

About Shaolin Lao Lian Huan Gong Fa

Shaolin Lao Lian Huan Gong Fa created by the famous 26th Shaolin Generation master Shi Zhanju [释湛举 | ~ 1865], student of the two great Monks Shi Rujing [释如净] and Shi Ruliang  [释如亮]. Although it is a small form is characterized by simple but very powerful moves,  it has a variety of sophisticated techniques that teach the practitioner how to 'transfer'  the speed and momentum of each blow to the next technique, thus linking any combinations to  one an unstoppable burst of defenses and attacks. The Shaolin Tradition supports that its  creation was based on Luohan Quan [罗汉拳], Tongbi Quan [通臂拳] and Meihua Quan [梅花拳]  combining them with his own fighting experience.

Shaolin Kung-Fu seminars were organized to study the cultural treasures of Shaolin Kungfu.  It is one of our main offerings to our students who love Shaolin Tradition and Culture.  Following the directions of Ven. Master Shi Yongxin we are trying to spread Shaolin  Teachings as much as we can having in mind the positive effect that Shaolin's teaching and  lifestyle have on everyone's life. Master Yanzhuo, said. (Source: Lay Disciple Shi Yan Jia)

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