Official Investigation Denies Serial Allegations Against Shaolin Abbot--Henan Daily

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(Reporter: Qu Fang)An investigation into allegations against Shi Yongxin, famed abbot of the Shaolin Temple, has determined that the abbot is innocent of the many accusations that were made against him. As for the result, the head of the investigation team received a special interview with Henan Daily concerning on the related events.

一.Regarding a claim that Shi had asked for millions of yuan from his apprentice Shi Yanlu, investigators determined that the apprentice had given the abbot money ahead of Spring Festival in 2010 and 2012, but that was a tradition of Buddhism. Investigators say Shi used the money to develop the temple and to support the study of apprentices. Besides, there is no evidence to show Abbot Shi had ever asked for cars, money and other belongings from Shi Yanlu.

二.No evidence was found to support claims that Shi diverts money that was raised by providing incense sticks to pilgrims. Revenue made from that practice is managed by the financial section of the temple, reports Henan Daily.

三.The official investigation also cleared Shi of the allegation that he illegally raised money under the name of building Century Bell on the top of Mount Song. There is no evidence of personal accumulation of money by unfair means, according to the investigation.

四.The official investigation found 15 cars, including 4 imports and 11 domestic models, all registered to the Shaolin Temple, and found out the vehicles were used for the daily work of the temple.

五.An investigation into the abbot that the 52-year-old monk still possessed his original Hukou, or household registration, under his birth name, Liu Yingcheng. Shi Yongxin's newest Hukou, listing him as a Shaolin Temple resident, was issued in 1985, soon after he received his full precepts. His original Hukou was issued in 1965. However, the allegation that the abbot had a second Hukou, China's household registration, under a different name turned out to be true. Investigation found that Shi's second Hukou under the name Liu Yingcheng had been canceled.
The investigation also found that the Shaolin Temple needs to improve its internal administration and financial section. Furthermore, Shaolin Temple is making changes as required by the relevant departments at present, reported by Henan Daily.


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