Chinese Cultural Staged in Dutch City to Greet New Year--Xinhua

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BRUSSELS, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) -- The performance of "Si Hai Tong Chun" art troupe on Saturday was staged in Utrecht, a historic city located in the central Netherlands, to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The two-hour evening show attracted over 1,400 audience in Utrecht's TivoliVredenburg music complex, bringing the enjoyment of Chinese culture to the overseas Chinese and local people.

The highlight of the show was Shaolin Kungfu practiced by a group of warrior monks from China's Songshan Shaolin temple. Their performance triggered loud applause by the audience and livened up the evening.

Dance, music and magic are also part of this year's programs. The audience gave the artists rounds of applause throughout the event.

"The show is so wonderful. I was impressed by the Kungfu," said C. Van Den Bor, a Dutch business woman.

The visit by the art troupe to the Netherlands brought happiness to Chinese people here, said Hu Yunfei, with the local Chinese community, who also participated in the preparation work.

"Si Hai Tong Chun" means "people all around the world celebrate the Spring Festival". It is a series of international cultural events initiated in 2009.

It has become an important part of Chinese New Year celebrations for overseas Chinese people as well as locals.(Editor: yan)


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