Vibrant Autumn Foliage at Northern Shaolin Temple--Chinadaily

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The northern Shaolin Temple Scenic Spot, located at Panshan Mountain in Jizhou District, Tianjin, turns into a picturesque wonderland in late autumn. The tree leaves turn gold and fire red, attracting tourists to visit the place and appreciate the beautiful autumn scenery.



The main hall of the northern Shaolin Temple, currently being reconstructed, is surrounded by golden leaves. [Photo/Xinhua]



The Duobao Stupa at the scenic spot catches the last few rays of the setting sun. [Photo/Xinhua]



Many large granite rocks are scattered below the trees, adding a dramatic note to the mountain area. [Photo/Xinhua]



Some leaves turn fire red and some become golden yellow. [Photo/Xinhua]



A lake lies at the foot of the mountain and beautiful trees are reflected in the water. [Photo/Xinhua]


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