Representative Shi Yongxin Makes a Statement on Clarifying some Media Report

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On the afternoon of March 8, 2013, before Henan Delegation and I verify it, some media published an irresponsible and false report named “Shi Yongxin: Western religious problems are much more serious than China’s and the Pope cannot continue to perform his function” which badly misinterpreted original meaning. The report made a deliberate misinterpretation out of the context between other representatives and me at the group meeting in the First Session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress. The report involving overseas religion ran counter to logic and fact, went against my genuine intention, made a harmful impact on all parties, hurt the devotees’ religious affection and even damaged the harmony between different religions.

Therefore, I hereby declare that the content about overseas religion involved in the report did not reflect my personal opinion and standpoint. Related media and reporter should take measures actively to make corrections and eliminate the negative effects.


I hereby certify it.


Henan Delegation to the First Session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress


Representative Shi Yongxin


March 9, 2013

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