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China Songshan Shaolin Temple (hereafter, Shaolin Temple) has been recognized as the origin of Chan Buddhism. With a history of more than 1500 years, it has gradually formed meditating cultivation and Shaolin culture into three cores, which are Chan Buddhism, Kungfu, and Chan medicine. Shaolin Temple has become not only a significant Buddhist temple home and abroad, also an important emblem of Chinese culture and Buddhist culture. It has obtained people’s affection and attention worldwide.
Nonetheless, in recent years, some organizations and individuals render martial arts performances, anthroposcopic divination, and geomancy and peddle medicines and talismans as well as medical treatments in the name of "Shaolin Temple", "Shaolin Sanghas", "Shaolin Kungfu monks" and "Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps", etc. To make matters worse, they have brought negative effect on Shaolin Temple by pretending to be Shaolin Sanghas and using titles related to Shaolin. Hence, Shaolin Temple hereby declares:
I. All Shaolin Sanghas must be in residence at temples, wear monastic uniforms, be vegetarians, be single, and observe monastic commandments. It is forbidden for Shaolin Sanghas to violate the monastic commandments and regulations and to seek gain for oneself.
II. No educational institution is established by Shaolin Temple. Any martial arts school or training center with names of "Shaolin Temple", "Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps", "Shaolin Sanghas", "Shaolin Kungfu monks" is not affiliated with Shaolin Temple.
III. The "sole inheritor" individual of Shaolin Temple does not exist. Shaolin Temple bequeaths its inheritance to generations of Shaolin Sanghas. Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps are internal organizations of Shaolin Temple, consisting of Shaolin Kungfu monks , who claim to be "Shaolin Kungfu monks to the public.
IV. Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps launch activities to spread Shaolin culture and exchange martial arts. Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps do not participate in any competitions (championships, contests, tournaments, etc.)
V. The website of Shaolin Temple:
The Weibo (miniblog) of Shaolin Temple: (Sina) (Tencent)
Shaolin Temple owns no website or blog except above.


China Songshan Shaolin Temple

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