2012 New Year Greetings

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DRAGON is the national emblem of China. All Chinese are considered as the offspring of the dragon. Historically, throughout the development of Chinese civilization, the spirit of the dragon has taken root in every Chinese’s heart and run deep like the blood in our veins. Year of Dragon is the Year of China;

Having the attributes of deer’s horns and hawk’s claws, snake’s body and fish’s fins, dragon combines all the best features of creatures and is a symbol of unification, dignity and excellence. Year of Dragon symbolizes a harmonious year;

The dragon, in Chinese belief, is the supreme spiritual power and brings prosperity and fortune for the nation and its people. Under its prevailing influence, Year of Dragon will certainly be filled with happiness and peace.

As the Chinese New Year begins, the monastic community of Shaolin Temple prays for all sentient beings and for world peace, always blessed with happiness, love and peace.
Shaolin Temple Abbot and Sangha
on the upcoming Chinese New Year



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