The Invitation of the Symposium on “Science of Shaolin” in Gengzi Year

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Respectable gentlemen and masters:

Glad to meet you!

Shaolin Temple, located in the cradle of Chinese civilization--Huanghe civilization, is a well-known ancient Buddhist monastery of China, with profound cultural accumulation over 1500 years of historical development. It is a precious heritage of international cultural exchange whose historical buildings were selected into the list of the world cultural relics; its Shaolin Kungfu is the representative of the national intangible cultural heritage; its ancient book reservation was approved as the national key ancient books protection units. Since the concept of “science of Shaolin” was put forwarded, related symposium has been hosted many times meanwhile reaching some representative achievements, which shaped the foundation of further development for “science of Shaolin”.

To further acknowledge and interpret the sinicization of Buddhism, and deepen the research of Huanghe culture, the symposium on “science of Shaolin”, approved by the propaganda department and the religious authority, will be hosted in China Songshan Shaolin Temple from Oct. 16 to 10, 2020. The symposium will set up three forums respectively: the study on inscription in Shaolin Temple before the Song Dynasty; Buddhism and traditional Chinese ecological thought; files and big data on Shaolin culture.

Long looking forward to meeting you for your extraordinary academic accomplishments, we sincerely invite you to be present at the seminar and grant related articles or take part in the discussion.

Yours sincerely,

China Songshan Shaolin Temple

Sept. 2020.

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