Official Statement

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Recent reports said a self-proclaimed “abbot of Shaolin Temple, 31st generation successor in lineage from Bodhidharma, Shi De Li” would offer profitable lecture and Kungfu trainings at Pawcatuck Martial Arts School on November 27, 2010.
According to the temple’s investigation, no record is found about the above-mentioned person that has lived in China Shaolin Temple and its sub temples. China Shaolin Temple hereby makes the following statement:
   1. China Shaolin Temple has only the one current abbot named Shi Yongxin;
   2. Shaolin Temple has nothing to do with the Shi De Li’s activity at Pawcatuck Martial Arts School;
   3. Shi De Li must immediately cease acting against the Buddhist belief and jeopardizing the temple’s legal right in the name of Shaolin Temple;
   4. If Shi De Li would continue to do things his own way, China Shaolin Temple shall reserve the right of filing a court appeal.
Welcome everyone to visit  the official website of China Shaolin Temple with information about Shaolin activities, cultural studies and  foreign communications.
November 25, 2010

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