The Disciples from the Shaolin Temple Germany Worship Shaolin Temple

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From October 16 to 20, 20012, the disciples from the Shaolin Temple Germany led by master Yongchuan worshipped Shaolin Temple and experienced Chan meditation. They admired deeply at the profound cultural implication of Shaolin Temple through a series of various Chan culture experience.

During the time in Shaolin Temple, the disciples from the Shaolin Temple Germany took a look at the historical sites, buildings, inscriptions and statues in the Permanent Residence Compound of Shaolin Temple, learnt original Shaolin Kungfu following Shaolin Kungfu monks, experienced the extraordinary Shaolin medicine in Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau and practiced Chan meditation under the guidance of Chan masters.



Practiced Shaolin Kungfu


Ven. Abbot Yongxin warmly welcomed the arrival of the disciples and gave them an instruction. He introduced them the history of Shaolin Temple, the inheritance of Shaolin culture and the essence of Shaolin Chan, Kungfu and Medicine. Ven. Abbot Yongxin also encouraged them to put their heart into the personal cultivation, purify their soul and cultivate their sentiment through Shaolin Chan meditation and Shaolin Kungfu.



Ven. Abbot Yongxin gave the disciples an instruction



Group photo

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