The Chin Lien Chinese Association of Australia Makes a Group Visit to Australia Shaolin Cultural Centre

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On August 9, 2012, Chen Weiqiu, chairman of the Chin Lien Chinese Association of Australia accompanied by vice-president Ma Shanhe, patriarch Yang Xingfang and the directors of Avalokitesvara Temple visited Australian Shaolin Cultural Centre and were warmly received by master Yankuo.



Group photo


In the reception hall, master Yankuo and president Chen Weiqiu had a deep exchange of views on the issues that how to propagate and promote Chinese culture and enhance friendly exchange between Australia and China. President Chen Weiqiu expressed that Shaolin Temple and its culture world-renowned, hope to cooperate with the masters of Australia Shaolin Cultural Centre jointly promote the Chinese traditional culture spread in Australia faster and more effectively. Master Yankuo also graciously invited President Chen Weiqiu and his party to go and visit Shaolin Temple, the ancestral temple of Chan Buddhism. 

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