Japan Shaolin Qigong Delegation Visits Shaolin Temple

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Headed by Qin Xiping, 34th generation Shaolin Lay disciples, 23 Shaolin Qigong practitioners of All–Japan Qigong Federation visited Shaolin Temple on Oct 29, 2011.



Dressed in traditional training suit, Japanese Shaolin Qigong fans performed the form learnt in Shaolin Temple for Ven. Shi Yongxin, Abbot of Shaolin. And the Abbot highly evaluated their accomplishment and he said:” It is nice to see your performance was showed in one breath. Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of Chan Buddhism and Kungfu, and Qigong is part of our traditional heritage. Qigong practice needs favourable Qi environment and Shaolin Temple is the right site and has produced lots of successful Kungfu masters. Qi needs life long’s collecting, fostering and practice. Tested and proved by countless Qigong Masters, Shaolin meditation has always been the right way for the success of Qigong practice.”


Ven. Shi Yongxin happily certified all the Japanese Shaolin Qigong fans and took photos with them.

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